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Importance of In-House Manufacturing at MDL

In honor of this year’s Manufacturing Day, we decided to tackle a topic that is very important to us…in-house manufacturing.


In-house manufacturing is vital to product development at Microwave Development Laboratories (MDL). With in-house manufacturing, our engineers cannot only watch their designs come to life, but can control every aspect of its development to perfection! This allows you, the customer to collaborate with us every step of the way. In-house manufacturing also allows us to ensure high-reliability and quality in all of our microwave components, sub-systems and assemblies.

Our facility in Needham, Massachusetts encompasses CNC machining centers, aluminum dip brazing (watch it in action here), EDM facilities, cleaning, impregnation, iridite, heat-treating, RF testing, and finishing. MDL also offers off the shelf items, as well as custom pieces that require special tolerances, complicated configurations, multiple formed bends, twists, or offsets which are all manufactured with precision and are subjected to complete inspection and testing.