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Slide Rule app for mobile devices


Back in May, we announced the launch of our redesigned website, http://mdllab.com. Along with visual enhancements, the site also offers a comprehensive search tool and online Slide Rule. We are excited to announce that this Slide Rule is now available for download to your mobile device!

Now available for download to iOS and Android devices, the Slide Rule mobile app enables design engineers to input their own waveguide rectangular (WR) designations to quickly perform complex conversions and determine operating parameters. By entering WR dimensions, a user can generate a range of material specifications including recommended operating frequency rate (GHz), flange type, and waveguide dimensions (in.).

Have questions about calculations or how to purchase components for your design application? Contact an MDL representative directly from the app, or tweet to us at @MDLlab.

To download the free rigid waveguide slide rule mobile app, visit our tools page.

Welcome to the MDL Lab Blog

Thanks for joining the MDL Lab community! Here we’ll cover the waveguide and microwave technologies that are impacting our industry. Take a tour around our newly redesigned website, and visit us on Twitter and LinkedIN.

ImageFrom military radar systems to satellite communications, this blog will discuss the unique challenges engineers face within the microwave and RF fields. We will also examine current and emerging applications that rely upon waveguide technology including UAVs and advanced medical equipment.

Looking for resources to help you design your next project? Check out our new Slide Rule app to input your own data and find configurations quickly and easily. Have questions? Speak with an experienced MDL engineering representative in real time.

Visit our new interactive catalogue with enhanced search features to find MDL products and custom designs in just a few clicks.

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