Microwave Development Labs Shows Sampling of Waveguide at 2015 IMS in Phoenix, AZ

Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc. (www.mdllab.com) will offer a sampling of its extensive expertise and product lines based on high-performance waveguide technology at the upcoming 2015 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS, http://www.ims2015.org) and Exhibition scheduled for May 17-22, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ. As part of the 2015 IMS Exhibition, Microwave Development Laboratories will welcome visitors to its booth (Booth 621) with details and advice on the use of its comprehensive waveguide-based product lines, and how to match different sizes of waveguide products to different frequency bands and applications. Products on display will include waveguide bends and twists, waveguide-to-coax adapters, power dividers, phase shifters, rotary joints, variable attenuators, and rotary switches. For applications requiring higher frequencies and higher power-handling capabilities, waveguide is still a preferred format over various other component formats, including surface-mount and coaxial components.

In addition, visits to Booth 621 at the 2015 IEEE IMS Exhibition can learn more about Microwave Development Laboratories’ handy online tools, including their online Reflectometer Calculator and their Rigid Waveguide Sliderule application. These are free-of-charge, downloadable programs that help simplify and speed the process of finding the right performance for a particular size waveguide or waveguide component. For all your waveguide needs, visit Microwave Development Laboratories at Booth 621 at the upcoming 2015 IEEE IMS Exhibition in Phoenix, AZ this May 17-22,2015.

Microwave Development Labs, Inc.
135 Crescent Road, Needham Heights, MA 02494
Telephone: (781) 292-6684
FAX: (781) 453-8629
E-mail: mdlsales@mdllab.com
Web: www.mdllab.com

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